Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Express User Guide: Notes Safe

It’s a simple notepad that encrypt all data that it’s inserted. You can have a cypher from 64bits up to 256bits (paid version). This application has two layers of encryption, you will not be able to read the database even if have a rooted phone and use some sort of SQL client, however the title will be easy to read.
When in the first time running it, you will be asked to insert one password, the minimum size allowed it’s with 8 chars (64bits), and the maximum 32 chars (256bits). After that just hit the diskette to save it.
Main screen:  In the main screen you will have four options that are create note, delete, update/view and exit application.

Above : The login page

Above : The main screen

Creating: Will be asked a title for the note, and you will have a body part where you should insert your notes, please note that the title will not be encrypted, due that, you will be able to read what means each one, please if you want safe data, don’t put your notes in there. After done, hit the disk, or the red X if you want to leave without save.

Deleting, Updating and View: You will be redirected to one other page with a table where will contain all your notes, ordered by title, where you can pick one, tapping on it. If deleting you will be asked to confirm, if updating/view the note will be displayed and you will be able to tap where you want into the note area and insert data.Then it’s just save.

Above : List with all items

Above : Deleting

To update the detail, it's pretty simple, just touch the item desired and you will see the same screen as when creating a new one displaying the data, then it's just update and save it.

Leaving the application: It’s the last icon from left to right, once you hit it, the application will exit.
If you have doubts please send me a email to kv.android.app@gmail.com

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