Friday, December 21, 2012

Be On Time – How’s To’s

Be On Time is a alarm that contain a different set of features then most regular alarm apps and in fact it’s a clock web radio. The minimum Android version accepted is ICS 4.0 and it’s made to be used with the latest 4.2. I also tested it in my Nexus 7 and it should work well on all tablets that have Wi-Fi and microphone than run from ICS 4.0 above.

This is the first screen that you will see, on the top left corner you can see the radio icon and a toggle button for on and off the radio. If you don’t have any radio the toggle button will be disabled. Touch on the radio icon and you will get to the radio selector spinner.

After you select you radio, touch the Select button that is at the right side of the spinner selector with this the popup will close and return to clock, after that if you wish turn on the radio it’s just hit the toggle button (Off/On), that the app will load the buffer and start play it as soon the buffer is full.
Touching on the clock numbers will bring a different pop up, this one is for you select the transparency background color, the font type and color also.

To select it you need touch the Select button.
For you go to create/update or delete alarms, just touch the clock icon, the if you have any alarm on you will have the icon in blue.

Once you hit the clock icon this next screen will load up, the main screen.

To create a new alarm just touch on the plus blue icon on the top left corner from the screen.

To set the hour and minutes, just touch over the time displayed under the alarm name entry, you can slide up and down or tap and entry the desired time in each field..

Here you can create the alarm with all settings that you want. The rules for create an alarm are quite few though there is a few:
You can’t set an alarm with less than 2 minutes from the actual time and to the same day using date, if you try it the app can if you are using week days, set the alarm to the exactly same time though to the next selected day, if using by date the alarm will not be created and for last if you don’t set a date or week days then the alarm will be setted to the next day at the same hour.

Screen for select week days (above), the rule to roll each column up or down and tapping to entry the value desired is also valid for Date,

Screen for select date (above),

Volume options (above),

Snooze options (above), the snooze interval numbers means minutes.

Select sound screens (above), the selected sound option will be in blue

Add Net Radio option (from main screen menu), if you had copied or know one URL that you want, it’s just type, or copy it into the second entry field and Save it. Clear will just clear both entry fields. 

The web part for you import all links that you want, please be aware that many links are broken or missing, also you can hit menu and insert an URL desired, if the URL doesn’t contain HTTPS you can only type part of it e.g. : from  just type that the browser will load it for you if the url is correct. To quit the browser you just need to hit back a few times or open the menu and touch on Exit browser.
Once you had touched a net radio link, and if it’s compatible (Windows Media format is not) the app will import it to you and you will get a message telling you that (below).

The settings screens is pretty simple, the last item is the one that will make the alarm keep playing for the desired time selected.

Widget, will always tell you the next alarm, the blue plus button takes you straight to create a new alarm and the second to the main screen where you can edit, create or delete any alarm that you already have.

To stop the alarm you must tap twice in less than 1 second.

When importing radios be aware that not all links would be working, and also that not always that not working link will not be working, it's a matter of try it sometimes.

So that’s all, if you have any doubt that it’s not in this post, please feel free to send me an email to that I’ll reply as soon as I can, and please rate the app if you like.