Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Express User Guide: Data Safe

Data Safe it’s a Android application that enables you to encrypt any file that you want from your device. You can have different types and strength of passwords from 64 till 256bits. Today the version available doesn’t have support for ROOT devices, though soon it will have this feature and will be updated to Android 2.2, SD storage, and other emails available rather than just Gmail.


I’ll be available after you have created one password and logged in.

From main screen press the menu button.

There will have these three options:

Settings : Here it’s where you will set for what email you want to send the application information, and if you want send just the password, the source file, as attach file, both, and if want to delete the source file or not after conversion. This will generate a file in your Data Safe application folder with those options set, though it’s also an encrypted file.


Here after set the email/password you can just hit send password, and the application will send it to the email account inserted there.

After have done all settings that you want, don’t forget to hit Save. This will take you back to the main screen.

Delete Password: Touching this options, you’ll be prompted with a dialog box asking if you really want delete the password. If you cancel the applications will return, normally though if you choose yes, the application will delete your password and close.

About: It’s one about the application, with an Ok button.

Main Screen:


From here you can start work with it:

Button From: Hit it and you will be directed to one screen where you will browse through the Android file system. To do it you just need to move your fingers up or down, and to go into folders or select the file, it’s just a tap, if the folder that you are going it’s a system or protected nothing will be displayed. Choosing a file to encrypt or decrypt, just tap in the file, and you will be prompted if you want use that file.

Clicking Return will come back to the folders browser, and Yes will take you back to the main screen with the path in the text field proper filled with the path and file name. If you wish you can also type the path that you want.

Once the file has been chosen those icons under will be enabled or disabled, this will depend of the file type, means if to encrypt or decrypt.

If you are decrypting a file, the chosen file will populate the original path automatically in the text field form To button, other else not.

Button To: Like the Button From, you will also be taken to a screen to browse through the system file to one destination for your file. In this folder browser, you can navigate just like the previous one, moving finger up and down, one tap to get into folders, though in this button you will not be allowed to select a file, just the folder where you will put your file, and to do it just hit and hold a little bit over the folder name, and the application will prompt you asking if you want to use that path to your file, like previous one, yes return and fill text field after the To button and as the above button you can if wish type the path, since that it’s a valid one, you must have read and write privileges to do that in that folder.



You have a locked pad lock, one open, other with two arrows making a circle and one with the open dor and the arrow point to it.

Locked pad lock: This button will let you encrypt the file, if it’s not encrypted already, using those from, to paths provided previously.

Unlocked pad lock: This button will let you decrypt the encrypted file, using as above the values into from, to text fields.

Two blue arrows circling: Will clean both text fields.

Open door with arrow pointing to it: Exit the application.

Three wrong tries and your password file will be wiped out from your mobile. If you remember the password, it’s just inserting again the same password, when starting the application. If you don’t remember but have received it via email, it’s just creating it once again.

Now, if you don’t remember it and don’t have set the application to send the password to the email. Then will not exist other way. What’s was encrypted will be lost. Doesn’t exist any sort of backdoors to re-acquire the password.

If you have doubts please send me a email to kv.android.app@gmail.com

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