Sunday, November 6, 2011

Updates coming till December


At moment I'm working on three updates, one for DataSafe that this new release will be able to work with rooted phones, one new release of the Tactical Console where will have direction to the phasers and aft phasers and torpedoes, apart that will have two sort of torpedoes (Photon and Quantun) and for last in one update for the Star Trek Wallpaper, this so far will have the option to the user choose the size of the gallery to select those pictures, one background services that you can enable/disable and you will be able to choose among up to 10 wallpapers and with time frame from 5min. to 7 days to update the wallpaper, rotating it, and one that would make a lot people happy though all pre-paid ones not very happy, that it's the download option, that in first instance is make the application smaller and faster, apart that the application would only download those wallpapers size that fits to your mobile, like for one with less than 3.2 inches would be pictures quite smaller then the medium, high and extra large (tablets), and with that I could put more pictures than today that it's packed with all pics for three different sizes.
This one should come out soon, than DataSafe and for last the Tactical console, that honestly I'm thinking in stop with it, due Android fragmentation, doesn't work well in many handsets, even using the Android compatibility package.
If you have time to leave a comment could you please let me know if the download option it's a good option for you or not, because I'll use those comments to create the next update.
Thank you

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