Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Express User Guide: Wallpapers (Star Trek, Cars) all versions

To browse through the gallery, just swipe your finger to left or right, and tap to choose, then you will be prompted with a dialog box asking if you want set that picture as wallpaper or not.
Once you hit the button to set the new wallpaper, the application will take some time to do it.
The sound when starting, and ending (via return/exit button) the application it’s the media volume, that you can set as you want.
If you have browsed through several wallpapers and set one to see if it’s what you want, and after that you want to come back to pick an other picture, just press the home button once you have chosen the wallpaper, and hold home button for a second and release it, then choose the application from the Android task manager, that you will back to the exact picture that you where before press the home button.
To Star Trek fans: Thank you very much for those downloads and for buy my application.
I’m still thinking in insert download pictures options, to increase even more the number of wallpapers available to the application, though I do need rent a server, what it’s not cheap and honestly the sales still doesn’t pay it, apart that I need to check for copyright infringement, if it’s ok or not. Because I don’t want have my application removed from the market. Soon will have one answer about that.

If you have doubts please send me a email to kv.android.app@gmail.com

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