Sunday, December 4, 2011

Wallpaper Star Trek and Wallpaper Star Trek HD - Paid version

As the previous version to browse through the gallery, just swipe your finger to left or right, and tap to choose, then you will be prompted with a dialog box asking if you want set that picture as wallpaper or not.
Once you hit the button to set the new wallpaper, the application will take some time to do it.
The sound when starting, and ending (via return/exit button) the application it’s the media volume, that you can set as you want.
If you have browsed through several wallpapers and set one to see if it’s what you want, and after that you want to come back to pick an other picture, just press the home button once you have chosen the wallpaper, and hold home button for a second and release it, then choose the application from the Android task manager, that you will back to the exact picture that you where before press the home button.
As new features, now the application has a menu:

Image above are from Star Trek wallpapers


Image above are from Star Trek wallpapers HD
Where exist the ordinary About, Service Settings and Gallery Settings.

Service Settings
Once you click on it will be prompted with this screen :

Image above from normal resolution

Image above is from the HD version.

Where to enable a background service, you will need to tap on the check-box labelled “Activate Service” to start select those settings that you want. Then you can tap at the button Choose Pictures, to be taken to a thumbnail screen, where will be displayed all wallpapers and you will be able to select up to 10 of it.

To make the selection, it’s pretty simple, just swipe up/down to scroll through those wallpapers thumbnails and tap on those check-boxes to enable the wallpaper that you want be rotate as your background. When finished just click select to come back.

After selected and came back to the previous screen, it’s time to select the interval time, that it’s the time between wallpaper changes, this can be from 5 minutes up to 7 days. Once selected the interval just hit the back button to come back to the main screen and activate the service.
After you have selected all those options, just hit the back button that it will activate the background service. Be aware that in this version the application doesn't save these settings. This means that if you go again from main screen to the service settings screen everything will be like the first time, with all thumbnails to be selected. Though doesn't mean that the service it’s not running in background, but once you hit the back button to come back, the service will stop straight away.
The background services is very savvy in memory and with the battery, of course if you choose update the wallpaper at each 5 min it'll consume more battery than each day option.
If you click back button (and not the select) from select screen, will come back without save the selected state, means a plain back to the previous screen.
If you want to switch off the service it’s just select the Service Setting and hit back, without enable the service, doing this the applications will stop the service.

Gallery Settings
You will be taken to an other screen where will be able to choose the orientation for the application between just portrait to have landscape also and to select the size in % from the X axis, from the gallery pictures. That’s the one you see when scrolling from choose a wallpaper. After you have insert your settings, just hit the back button to save your changes.
To enable landscape orientation you must enable the button where it’s write Deactivated Landscape, that will change to Activate Landscape.
If you want to come back to the default settings, hit the Reset to Default button and back button.

Now the background services is part of Star Trek Wallpapers and of HD version as well.
That’s all, I hope that you have good times with these new features, if have any issue, doubt or ideas, it’s just drop a email to me that I’ll answer it as soon as possible, and “Live longer and Prosper”.

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