Monday, March 12, 2012

Wallpaper Rotator

With this application you will be able to pick up to 30 pictures from your Gallery and make it rotate as your wallpaper, the minimum time interval it’s from 5 minutes, and the maximum of 7 days. This’s a pretty easy app. to work with and consume quite few battery also. It doesn’t let your CPU awake all the time.

On FREE version there is the maximum possibility of just 3 pictures and also just 3 time intervals (15min, 1Hr and 1 Day).

The first screen it’s the EULA, that will only be displayed once, and you will only be able to use the application if you agree with it.


Then you will be taken to a screen where it will display all your pictures (from your Gallery), all of them will have a left up corner for you hit and select it, if you hit the picture one dialog will ask you to to edit. If you choose yes will be taken to the gallery where you can rotate the picture, and perform some other things. Choosing cancel you will stay in the program.

After you select all pictures that you want, you should hit the Start button, that will take you to the Service page.


On the service page, if you have the service running, will see only the Stop Service button enabled. If not you can start hitting the checkbox “Activate Service”, once you have checked that box, all others components from the screen will be enabled, less “Stop service” button if you don’t have any service running.


After prepare the service enabling the checkbox, it’s time to select the time interval, that might be from 5 minutes up to 7 days, this will be the interval time that between one update and the next.


After that to in fact start the service, it’s just hit “Start Service”. After hit the button one notification on your notification bar will be displayed letting you know that the service it’s up and running. You can remove it opening the notification bar and clear.


Once you want to stop that service, it’s just open the application (if it’s not opened yet) select at least two images, hit start and then “Stop service” that will update your notification for the status Stopped.

The button Deselect All unmark all pictures that you had previously marked, and the Quit finish the application.

If you have started a service, you can finish the application, because the service will be running on the background.

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